We are lovers of Brda and wine

We’re united by our enthusiasm for this wine landscape.

This is what brought us together with local winemakers on both, the Slovenian and Italian side of the border.

"Kontrabánt" by definition means smuggling, contraband

Kontrabánt was created by a group of people who enjoy these places far too much. Since they love to socialise and spread their love for Brda and Collio, they couldn't afford to keep all their secrets to themselves.

That’s why they put their heads together, joined with other friends from Slovenia and Italy, and started to plan special wine experiences… This is how Kontrabánt was born. In olden times, it means smuggling, which is historically quite well known in these parts. Life along the border has always been interesting and full of adventures.
Over the years, the team has enlarged, the ideas and projects have grown, but the desire has remained the same – to connect the Slovenian and Italian sides through authentic stories, and at the same time to create the first wine-loving community of Brda and Collio lovers, which will include not only our winemaker friends, but also gastronomic and oenological adventures.

We exist to connect Brda and Collio, to bring the sustainable stories of our places that inspire us to the explorers of this part of the world.

Find out who we are Kontrabánt masterminds



the promoter of Brda's social life, with a vision focused on the development of this wine region and sustainable tourism products, has been closely linked to the land of Brda since birth. We love him above all for his entrepreneurial spirit and his address book full of contacts. When we need something, don't panic, our Dani can do it all!



is our business guru, shaking ideas out of his sleeve, and his thoughts sometimes run so fast that the rest of us struggle to keep up. Good thing he records all our tasks in Asana! 🙂 Matjaž loves Brda so much that they’ve become his first home. With a great deal of real energy and love for these places, he is constantly creating new Brda wine stories.



our globetrotter and a source of inspiring stories. He'll be hanging out with you on the Wine Safari, sharing stories about real tigers in India and how to survive on $1 a day in South America.



is the chef of flavours and decorations. She’s the chef behind all the delicacies you’ll taste here. She loves creating desserts and makes sure we’re never hungry, and consequently not super fit. 🙂



makes sure, our (smuggling) routes are digitised and user accounts are kept safe. He won't be hanging around with you on a Wine Safari, but you'll definitely see him at DOK - redeeming e-vouchers, of course.


likes action and tourism projects. She often travels between the Croatian Brijoni and Istria. But as long as she keeps her writing inspiration and she always finds the right smuggler’s words, we don't blame her.



our artist, who from the very beginning has been making sure that Kontrabántars are as beautiful and authentic on the outside as it is in their hearts. We'd love to smuggle his ideas into every project, but you can't just fool Andraž. 🙂

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