Refinement and elegance in the style of modern European wines

The artful intertwining of selected varieties from the best locations gives de Baguer wines an elegant character characterized by softness, fullness and aromaticity. The chardonnay-sauvignon blanc and merlot-cabernet franc wines move away from the overly full-bodied wines usually found in the highest price ranges. In them, the oenologist is not looking for a strong body, but rather clear varietal aromas and minerality, which best expresses the land of Bris.

Winemaker Darinko Ribolica and cellarman Igor Skubin carefully watch over the wines in the De Baguer cellar, who here with their team produce wines of the highest quality with a perfect style modeled on the world’s best wines.


DOK Wines

  • Klasična Penina Virgo 1,5L
  • De Baguer Chardonnay- Sauvignon Blanc 2017
  • A plus Belo 2018
  • De Baguer Merlot - Cabernet Franc 2017


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