Wine Safari – The Real One

Vipolže 76b, Dobrovo v Brdih

This one is a little longer, but this is the real thing! Immersed in fun and fine wine, these seven hours will pass in a blink.

What are we going to do?

  • First, to get to know each other better, we will climb 144 steps to admire Brda and its surroundings from above. A special welcome awaits you here.
  • Then, we will move on to a vineyard with a glass of wine in hand and a basket full of homemade delicacies to complete it.
  • Once we get into the right mood, we are ready to discover the first wine cellar, where we will taste Brda’s world-famous wines. Great wines are always in company with great food, which is why, after the tasting, we will stop for a bite to eat.
  • Smuggling wouldn’t be the real thing if we only stayed on one side of the border, so we’ll take the secret route into Collio, Italy, to the cellar of another top winemaker. We will taste local wines and culinary delights.
  • You will return home full of new and beautiful memories of a fantastic day spent with your new Brda friends, and you will already be planning the next time you will enjoy yourself in Brda.