Discovering Brda with a picnic backpack

Discovering Brda with a picnic backpack

Do you enjoy actively discovering Brda’s hills and tasting typical local delicacies? Do those beautiful views always knock you on your ass? We have something for you! Get our picnic backpack ASAP and add just the right flavours to the magnificent views of Brda.

Don’t worry: your ass will rest peacefully on a soft picnic blanket.😊

When you and your taste buds enjoy in the view

Are you a fan of hiking, cycling, or just good homemade food and high-quality wine that you like to appreciate in nature? Now you can get to know Brda differently, together with the local delicacies, which will accompany you every step of the way in your picnic backpack.

In your new favourite (backpacking) companion, you will find the variety of fresh delicacies: homemade salami, tasty cheese, seasonal fruits and vegetables, homemade juice etc. And, of course, a must when in Brda – a bottle of our noble drop, which you can enjoy in wine glasses. We should not forget about the picnic blanket, which will ensure you are super comfortable.

We recommend that you try the insights of the picnic backpack in one of the Windows onto Collio and Brda – our observation points with benches and a table, from which you can enjoy views of the wine-growing region from both the Slovenian and Italian sides. All of the Windows offer a unique perspective.
Check the link to find them all.

Where can I get a picnic backpack?


When are you coming? Tomorrow, or for the weekend? Whenever you want! Remember that you no longer need to prepare any takeaway snacks. We will happily take care of your taste buds and your tummy. You can pick up your backpack daily at the Tourist Information Center (TIC) in Šmartno, but you have to order it one day before! Because we want to give you an unforgettable experience, we must ensure that the bread is freshly baked, and the wine well chilled. You can order the backpack directly at TIC, or you can write to us.

We know that you care about our wonderful wine region, so we are sure that the trash induced while eating and enjoying the views will carefully rest in the backpack until his return from the trip or until you reach the nearest garbage. Thanks. 🙂

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