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The DOK 2024 Charity Auction

The wines graciously donated by Brda’s winemakers come adorned with one-of-a-kind labels, each a masterpiece crafted during the renowned international Art Circle festival. Teaming up with Rotary Medana-Goriška, we aspire to turn a fragment of a child’s dream into reality through the raised funds.

All proceeds will fund children's attendance at the summer camp with Sara Isaković

Brda celebrating wine: Open Cellar Days

From now on, the Kontabant team will meet in Brda every third weekend in June instead of every second weekend.

This is the time to celebrate the tradition of viticulture at the Open Wine Cellar Days. It is also a time to taste the excellent wines of Brda, enjoy the gastronomy and mingle with our winemaker friends.

Go behind the scenes of the winemaking process and delve into the stories and anecdotes of our dedicated winemakers. Taste a variety of exceptional wines while soaking up the sunny views of their beautiful estates. Over two days, this experience will transport all wine lovers to a unique time and place.

Curious to learn more about this one-of-a-kind event?

About the Open Wine Cellar Days - DOK Brda

The Open Wine Cellar Days in Brda is a real treat for wine lovers and a unique opportunity to explore the rich wine heritage of this magical Slovenian region. This event, which brings together winemakers from large and small producers, usually takes place on the third weekend in June. This is when entire winegrowing families open their doors, allowing visitors to immerse in the world of fine wines – the fruit of passionate labour and the unique landscape of Goriška Brda.

On a walk among the vineyards, estates and wineries, guests can meet our kind winemakers who are happy to share their knowledge and traditions. They also always provide a lot of entertainment. Tasting fine wines accompanied by local culinary delicacies becomes a unique experience that combines the love of oenology, culture and Brda.

The Open Wine Cellar Days in Brda thus offer a unique insight into the heart of this winegrowing region.

DOK 2024 Participating Winemakers

Open Wine Cellar Days - DOK 2024

Did you hang out with us last year?

To reminisce about our time spent together last year, take a look at some photo highlights in the gallery below.
Do you find yourself or your friends in the photos? 🙂 If not, don’t panic; there’s a new opportunity on 10 and 11 June!