Open Cellar Days will take place on 10 and 11 June

Open Cellar Days will take place on 10 and 11 June

Woken up from your winter rest by the news? If not, no worries; you still have some time, June is a long way off, and tickets won’t be on sale until 15 March anyway. By then, it will smell like spring; you’ll be more than rested and ready for this year’s adventures. So, check out some first-hand information about DOK 2023 in the post below.

We'll meet in Brda on 10 and 11 June

Preparations for the Open Cellar Days in Brda – DOK 2023 are well underway.
The list of participating winemakers is growing by the day, the online shop is getting ready to launch, the team is gathered, and all the ideas are already entering the realisation phase. How will we celebrate wine and winemakers this’s year? In an even better way than the last! It will surely be unforgettable again, especially if you’re with us. But you will be, won’t you? 🙂

Book your accommodation ASAP

Because we know Brda are so desirable and unfortunately with not so much accommodation we would hope for, we advise you to book your stay as soon as possible. Why? So you can relax and enjoy a tasting or two in peace. If someone in your group doesn’t drink alcohol and has volunteered to be this year’s “chauffeur”, we suggest you hire a van to avoid waiting for the bus. 

Organised bus rides again this year

No need to worry that somebody will have to drive. We will, of course, organise bus transfers again this year. We promise to mark the routes even better so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of identifying them and finding the locations.

More information about the shuttle services will follow shortly.

Tickets will be available from 15 March onwards

You can buy the tickets in our online shop from 15 March on. Ticket prices will be as follows:

  • DOK Weekend: 35 €
  • DOK Sunday: 30 €
  • DOK Bus: 5 €

The pre-sale ticket prices will be valid until 31 May 2023, after which the full ticket price will apply as follows:

  • DOK Weekend: 40 €
  • DOK Sunday: 35 €
  • DOK Bus: 10 €

The full price will also apply on the day of the event. We therefore strongly recommend that you purchase your tickets as soon as possible. That being from 15 March onwards. 🙂

Let's reminisce about our gathering last year

Now is the perfect time to look through your photo memories and relive the feelings of last year’s DOK Brda gathering. You’ve still got your photos, don’t you? Surely you also have a list of wineries you didn’t get to visit last year, so they’ll be first on your list this June? If not, we’ll publish the full list soon, and then you can quickly check which winemakers you didn’t meet last year, so they have to be the first ones on this year’s list!

Found yourself in any of the photos?

We'll be back very soon with updates and news about our charity theme. And we'll also reveal some novelties of this year's edition!

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