Open Wine Cellar Days – DOK23 delighted wine enthusiasts

Open Wine Cellar Days – DOK23 delighted wine enthusiasts

A rich tradition of winemaking was celebrated in Brda

On the second weekend in June, lovers of rebula and other tastes of the noble drops gathered in our amazing Brda and enjoyed the stories of winemakers. They had the opportunity to visit no less than 36 wineries. Despite a few short-lived storms, our sunny wine-growing region once again became a destination of high-quality offers, captivating stories and amazing hospitality.


Even the rain can’t stop us from having a blast!

Visitors immersed themselves in a world of exceptional flavours, picturesque vineyards and the hospitality of the local wine producers and their families. At the Open Wine Cellar Days – DOK 2023, they explored the cellars, vineyards, farmhouses and estates of no less than 36 wineries, each offering a unique experience. The winemakers presented different sorts and vintages of wine, told their unique stories and, most of all, impressed visitors with their passion and dedication to this highly demanding profession. Guests were treated to many unforgettable experiences, including guided tours of the winery, walks through the vineyards and exciting conversations with the winemakers and other members of their families. The DOK (Open Wine Cellars) is also a special holiday for them, as this is when the whole family gathers and proudly represents their brand.

The tastings offered a sensory journey through the flavours and aromas that define the wines of Brda, from the typical rebula to different white and red varieties. In addition to the delectable wines, visitors were treated to various local gastronomic delights.

Great atmosphere, friendly winemakers and, of course, top-notch wines!

Seeing different generations and the surprisingly large number of young people was great! It implies that the drinking culture is rising to a higher level, and the awareness that what and how we drink is important. The event is, above all, an opportunity to socialise and chat with the winemakers. Plenty of big groups came in their mini-buses in an organised manner; there were hen and stag parties, family reunions, surprise anniversary parties, etc. Many visitors join the event every year. Those who went for the first time assured us that they would definitely come back again next year.


“We come back every year; there is no doubt about it. It is one of the best wine-tasting events in Slovenia.”

This year, the organisers - the Kontrabant team - recorded great attendance!

Around 1,500 visitors attended the event over the two days. Most came from Slovenia, while the neighbouring Italian guests were the most popular among the foreigners.

Check out some photo highlights in the gallery below. Photo and video materials will also be published on our social channels

The event raised a record €9,500

Open Wine Cellars is also a charity event. In this edition, good deeds and works of art went hand in hand. Together with the Rotary Club of Medana-Goriška, we raised funds via a charity auction to purchase two defibrillators for two busier points in Brda: the Gonjače tower and village Šmartno.

Given the excellent turnout: a total of €9,500 was raised; the funds will be used, not just for two, as originally thought, but to buy 3 defibrillators!

In addition, the rest – more than 3,000 euros – will go to help the most deprived families in the local area,

said Robert Feri, representative of the Rotary Club of Medana-Goriška, adding that fundraising was also done with Rotary wine and some other props, the most popular of which was the famous Ščurek glasses.

We also joined forces for the auction with our winemakers and the Art Circle. This international visual arts festival brings together artists from all over the world, winemakers and tourism providers, as well as representatives of the various embassies in the area of Brda each year. After a month of work, 37 exceptional 3-litre bottles, each with a unique and unrepeatable label of international artists, have been created. The artworks made as part of the festival represent an essential contribution to the cultural offer in the region, linking the international space with our local environment.

We are very pleased that our charity mission has succeeded! And also that another thriving edition of DOK is behind us.

said Dani Strehar, the manager of Kontrabant team.

The Kontrabant team would like to thank all our winemakers, partners and dear visitors. Together, we once again made another exceptional and unforgettable weekend. The Open Wine Cellar Days remains one of the highlights of the Slovenian wine scene, and we are all already looking forward to the DOK 2024 edition.

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