The story of the Moro family farm has a long history of numerous generations that goes back to the great-grandmother Margerita, who started to cultivate half a hectare of land and with hard work bought ten more hectares. The grandfather, nicknamed Moro because of his black raven hair, brought horses to the estate. One of them was named Pubi. The son Boris still fondly remembers him and thus centred him on our label. At the moment we cultivate 5 hectares of land and additional 7 hectares of vineyards. In the last decades the production modernized, but despite the new technologies we remain loyal to the tradition and quality that comes from the love for earth, making it part of our story.

The vineyards are planted on grass terraces that are situated from 100 to 200 m of altitude. We cultivate them with the single Guyot method with a minimal yield per hectare, which consequently allows achieving the best quality. Based on exposition, winds and microclimate of every location, we assign to each slot the most appropriate variety of vines. Since an environmentally and people friendly cultivation is very important to our farm, we are focused on organic ang biologic cultivation. By monitoring the grapes maturation, we determine the most adequate harvest time, focusing on each vineyard separately, depending on the position, wine variety and objective. The harvest is done manually with an extremly short route from the vineyard to the wine cellar. Once the grapes enter the wine cellar, another story begins, the story of winemaking.

There is a long road from the first grape entering the wine cellar to the first glass of wine. Each variety, each vineyard, each harvest is something special. A good winemaker sees the potential of every harvest and offers the best conditions for developing its capaticies. We rely on our experience, new knowledge and technologies in adaptaing to changes. We use different methods and processes for different wines. Our range of wines include all wines, from the most simple and fresh ones to the more complex and structured wines and sparkling wines.