Wine Safari

Go on an adventure through the vineyards

Brda Wine Safari A unique wine adventure

Lions, zebras and giraffes will not follow you on this safari.

But we, the Kontrabántárs, will! Together we will discover the Brda landscape as you have never seen it before. We will meet new friends – the winemakers and their stories that are written deep in the marl soil. And if it’s adrenaline you’re looking for, there will be no lack of it here, just as there will be no lack of opportunities to taste local delicacies and noble drops – as we call our great wines in Brda. Everything will take place among the vines or with a view of them.

Kontrabántars have prepared an unforgettable experience for you - the first Slovenian wine safari. Are you ready?

Wine Safari -
The Real One

Let's go across the border!
For real.

Wine Safari -
The Small One

Short but intense.
With little less tasting..

Take the day off! We'll take care of the rest. Take a tour with us through the vast vineyards and discover first-hand the secret of the magical flavours of Brda's quality wines.

A tailor-made wine experience Are you a large group organising a team building, a party or even a wedding?

If the theme of your meeting is wine-related or Brda has always been your dream destination, then you have come to the right place.
Contact us and we will prepare a customised package for you.